OpenDCRE / OpenMistOS Release Notes

OpenDCRE v1.2.0 Release Notes

March 5, 2016

The OpenDCRE v1.2.0 release is a significant release, adding a large set of new features to both OpenDCRE and OpenMistOS.

This release provides a long-awaited major update to the original OpenDCRE v1.x codebase, and has excellent feature, test, and usability enhancements.

Included in this release:

  • OpenMistOS v1.1.0
    • Kernel updated to Linux 4.1.17 for armv7l
    • Debian jessie (includes systemd support) - upgraded from wheezy in prior releases
    • Docker v1.10.1 and Docker Compose version v1.6.2
  • OpenDCRE v1.2.0
    • IPMI 2.0 support added to IPMI bridge

    • Added support via PLC and IPMI for:
      • fan command (fan control)
      • led command (chassis “identify” LED control)
      • location command (physical and intra-chassis location)
      • asset command (asset information)
      • boot_target command (boot target selection)
      • temperature, humidity, fan_speed sensor support added
    • Normalization of OpenDCRE API command layout for consistency and future functionality

    • PLC communications (devicebus_interfaces) for v1 RPI HAT finalized

    • Emulator enhancements for new functionality

    • Improvements to code organization, PEP8 compliance, documentation

    • Testing via docker-compose (supported on RPI and Linux/MacOS)

Contributors to this release:

  • Andrew Cencini, Vapor IO (maintainer)
    • IPMI, PLC, code, test enhancements
  • Klemente Gilbert-Espada, Vapor IO (docs, contributor)
    • RPI pyserial bugfix, Sphinx documentation
  • Erick Daniszewski, Vapor IO (contributor)
    • Test enhancements, bugfixes

Special thanks to early adopters and testers of OpenDCRE.